Honestly Nourishing Family Balm Review by Mwah Mums



I am super excited to be writing a blog post for ETHICALE about these Rue & Cole handmade balms.
I was sold on the balms when I read the following post by ETHICALE:
Rue & Cole Natural Skincare

“Slow, sleepy, beautiful, self-care family balm to help settle and relax 

Introducing you to these beautiful skincare products for the WHOLE family! These hand whipped balms are organic, vegan and cruelty-free and are overflowing with natural healing nutrients. Some of the benefits of this family balm includes long-lasting moisturised skin, soothes and heals skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, nappy rash and cradle cap. It can also be used as after sun, makeup remover and beard oil - hence why is it made for the whole family in mind 

These family balms are handmade in Leeds, by a busy mum of two, who was desperate for a gentle, all natural, deep moisturiser for her babies, and that’s where these wonderful whipped pots of goodness came from 

Made from the very best organic shea, coconut and avocado oil they are just perfect for everyone and everywhere! A perfect addition to your weekly family moisturising routine

Now hands up who needs to try these family balms?! And who’s ready to #LETSGETETHICALE and support a beautiful small business?! 

Check out Rue & Cole on our website”


I originally bought the balm for my little girl, Baby J – she, like me, suffers from dry and sensitive skin. When she was only a few months old, she reacted to a well-known baby shampoo and lotion and, ever since, we’ve chosen to be selective in what we use on her skin. I am also keen to support small businesses and have recently taken more of an interest in ethical products.

I actually bought two of the balms:

The Original Balm (Oh So Natural) - I always think originals of a product are reliable, especially is they are anything like a Krispy Kreme!


The Lavender Balm (Oh So Sleepy) – I think I was drawn into the ‘sleepy’ tag line in the desperate hope that this would be my answer to a good night’s sleep and who doesn’t love lavender?!

We’ve has the balm approximately 3 weeks now and I think it’s amazing!! Not only do I use it on Baby J’s skin immediately after her bath, but I also use it on mine!! If you know me well enough, you’d know that I’m a keen moisturiser – I moisturise first thing in the morning and then, for some drier parts of my body (hands and face) moisturise again at night. With the colder weather and the winter months approaching, I have really noticed the dry skin on my face – especially so first thing in the morning – and really need a good moisturiser to make my skin feel nourished.

The balm literally looks as it does in the above picture – it comes perfectly packaged, is a great size, smells ever so natural and spreads evenly across your skin. Since using it, my skin has felt brighter and really replenished – there’s no oily texture, which I often find can ruin makeup application.

Baby J’s skin also feels ever so smooth. Again, with the colder weather, I have noticed dry patches on her skin … especially her stomach. The balm really helps give back that moisture which is natural and organic.

If you or your little ones, like us, suffer from dry skin or moisturise regularly or would like to support a small ethical business then I would definitely suggest trying out these Rue & Cole balms from ETHICALE!

Check out some before and after photos of these wonderful balms – you will be amazed ...

Before and After Natural Skincare

Vegan and Natural Skincare     Family skincare

Natural moisturiser by Rue & Cole     Before and After Rue & Cole     Vegan, Natural and Organic Moisturiser

Check out Rue & Cole at www.ethicalestore.co.uk

Love from,

Mwah Mums



November 13, 2020