Slow sustainable fashion blog post KOHR
Wow, do I feel honoured to be ETHICALE’s very first blog! ETHICALE and KOHR have been with each other since the very beginning of our business journeys and it feels amazing to share the same values and support each other.
One of those values is of course sustainability and ethics! ETHICALE has so many amazing brands that share the same values, but have different approaches to tackling the issue. What I love is that everyone is on their own path to making our planet a better, safer place. So, I’m here to talk about my approach!
KOHR is a sustainable slow fashion brand. As our tag line says, we create ‘Conscious Alternative Essentials’. We have three main focuses to be sustainable innovative, traceability, versatility and longevity.
Traceability is something fast fashion brands cannot compete with. We think it is important for you to know exactly where your clothes come from. We are able to trace all of our fabrics right the way down the supply chain even before it arrives at KOHR HQ.
I'm sure by now most people know how destructive the clothing industry is for those people at the bottom of the supply chain, the garment workers. If you don't, here's a list of a fraction of ways they are exploited on a day to day basis:
Unsafe working environments
Child Labour
Working over 400 hours a month for as little as £54
Sexual Misconduct
Violence and abuse by factory owners
Somebody has to pay the price for our insaturable desire for dirt cheap clothing.
At KOHR we use suppliers that strive for a better working environment for their workers. Some even work under fair trade standards, and some have formed community workspaces to take women out of those poor working conditions.
Non organic fabrics can also have a huge impact on garment workers, the surrounding communities and the environment due to chemicals contaminating the water supply and soil. 95% of the product’s environmental impact is due to the raw materials.
So, that’s why at KOHR we pride ourselves in sourcing organic and sustainably innovative fabrics that are ethically manufactured.
Tonnes of clothing, 350,000 to be exact, end up in landfill every year just in the UK! Over consumption is a massive environmental crisis. To combat this, we make sure we design and manufacture all of our products to have longevity and versatility, so it stays in your wardrobe for a long time. We create clothing that will not go out of fashion for 5-10 years as we follow macro trends during the design process. We are also handmade to order in the UK. Being made to order gives us more time to take care when sewing your products than mass production ever could.
Shopping sustainably comes in many different forms. There’s an amazing quote that states slow fashion is ‘second only to second hand’ as the most sustainable piece of clothing is the one already in yours or someone else’s wardrobe. However, when you do need to buy new, and we can’t pretend that we don’t have desires or need new things, brands like KOHR are here making the better choices for you.
Much love,
Amy xoxo
September 25, 2020