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Welcome to the home of beautiful British brands trying to help consumers shop more ethically and sustainably. We are excited to bring gorgeous brands together under one roof! Being 'perfect' is pretty hard to achieve, so we work with brands doing their best to help people shop ethically and sustainably and which encourage eco-conscious consumer decisions. This is why we look for brands having a combination of the following:


We seek to collaborate with British-based small businesses, so we can reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible; and to champion ethical, sustainable businesses. 

All products are carefully packaged in eco-friendly plastic-free packaging and delivered straight to your door and we are proudly partnered with One Tree Planted:



 Free UK delivery on all orders over £35.


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Our Why


 Steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle started back in 2018. For our new year's resolution, rather than cut out certain things, we wanted to buy better. From then it escalated from looking for our first plastic-free deodorant to gradually increasing our eco-friendly, plastic-free swaps over time.

We also got a bit excited and started to make our own soaps, however, very quickly realised we had a long way to go before our soaps turned out anything like the ones we had seen on Instagram! This highlighted how many beautiful brands already existed and we wanted to help them flourish.

Now don't get us wrong, we are far from perfect! But we did think if we were looking for better, sustainable alternatives, then surely others were too?!

Then lockdown happened and our dream to help small brands flourish and inspire people to make small changes became reality and we are loving every second of running our small business.

We are already so grateful for your support and hope we can inspire you to make a small change because those small swaps really do matter.

Lots of love,

E T H I C A L E ™


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