Multi award-winning design with self-sanitising Sanipolymer™ technology. All the comfort of an applicator without the plastic waste.

Our applicator is so easy to use and clean, 95% of users keep using it. Works with Regular to Super Plus size tampons. Lasts for 12,000 uses.

Comes With...
 Bathroom Storage Tin (worth £9.99)
• Cotton Travel wallet
• 6 Organic Tampons

How To Use...

Wash your hands, remove the applicator lid, unwrap your tampon and unravel the string. Load the tampon from the back, threading the tampon string through the small side hole. Make sure the knot on the tampon is pulled tight first.

Once your tampon is loaded, get into a comfortable position and insert the applicator into your vagina. Push the plunger into the applicator until the tampon is fully inserted. Gently remove the applicator and plunger, leaving the tampon fully inserted.

Your Reusable Applicator has been made with self-sanitising technology, so caring for it is easy. In between uses rinse it under cold water, wipe dry with a clean paper towel, and store it in your breathable travel wallet.